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Our primary focus is to identify (sub)-urban real estate trends in the neighborhoods of Miami, FL. We locate sites within this area that potentially present an opportunity for improvement and development through investment. The spectrum of the sites can range from empty lots to previously existing structures that require refurbishment in order to re-gain appeal in the fast-growing and ever-evolving Miami real estate market. Restoring the appeal and attractiveness of these sites is crucial with the regard to meet client and community requirements and to deliver exceptional value to our stakeholders.

We focus on areas such as Little River and Allapattah, which require attention to make them inhabitable in terms of today's comfort­-oriented and functional standard of living, demanding government and environment regulations to entice potential buyers. In the long term we want to dedicate our work to make a greater impact on the community by expanding into construction of multipurpose luxury apartment complexes in conjunction with single and multi-family-houses.